IRS Audit and Collection Representation

Our Firm leverages its experience and expertise to the stressful and time-consuming responses required for an IRS audit. Our professionals are well versed in the proper steps to follow when presented with an IRS audit. They include: collection and presentation of information; correspondence with IRS agents; and negotiations. We respond promptly to IRS notices so as to preserve all of a client’s rights and to obtain more details about the exact nature of the audit.

Our professionals use their knowledge of the current income tax code to answer questions related to deductions and reported revenues. We take care to provide only that information which is relevant to an agent’s questions. We meet to discuss likely outcomes and to prepare – when necessary – for any additional tax obligations. We also advise on the suitability of appealing an agent’s decision.

We represent business entities and individuals in IRS collection-related matters. The collection process is complicated, filled with the potential for missteps and missed critical deadlines. Our can provide the professional assistance you need.

We provide services related to

  • IRS Audit Notice Response
  • IRS Audit Representation
  • IRS Collection Notice Response and Representation

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Tax Document Collection and Presentation

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